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Soap Saver Sisal Exfoliating Bag

Soap Saver Sisal Exfoliating Bag

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Wish you knew a way to extend the life of your soaps AND create extra lather while gently exfoliating your skin?

You need to try our sisal soap saver bags. Made of 100% natural sisal fiber which comes from the agave cactus family. 

Five Simple Steps

1. Add a full soap bar or tiny pieces of leftover soap

2. Lather up with your hands

3. Exfoliate and massage your body

4. Remove soap bars to dry on soap dish

5. Rinse and hang up sisal bag to dry on hook or shower handle

This textured little bag helps you get the most suds from your soaps by creating luxurious long-lasting lather without wearing your soap bars down too quickly.

No more plastic waste with those poofy mesh balls. When the soap bag is worn out, just toss it into your compost bin!

How to use?

Add a whole bar of soap or those tiny pesky leftover bits and pieces of soap. Work up a lather in between your hands. After sufficient soap lather appears on the sisal fibers, you can remove the full size bar of soap and place it on your wooden soap dish or you can leave the bar and bits and pieces in the bag until you are done cleansing and exfoliating your body. If you remove the soap bar, you can use your hand in the sisal bag like a pocket or glove for scrubbing your body. 

After you are finished with your shower, be sure to REMOVE any full size bars of soap to allow the bag and the soap bar to fully dry between uses. If you leave the soap bar in the bag, it may not fully dry and will wear down the soap bar too fast. 

What is sisal?
Sisal is a natural fiber harvested from the agave plant. It's sturdy and soft at the same time; perfect for gentle exfoliation with luxurious soapy lather. Dries quickly and is eco-friendly. 

How to care for it?

After a shower or bath, REMOVE any full size bars of soap, rinse the bag and simply hang it up to dry on a hook or the faucet. This will prolong the life of the bag and the bar of soap. Machine washable. Sanitize your bag by boiling frequently (1x per week) to avoid any buildup or bacteria. Replace after 3-4 months depending on use.

  1. materials: naturally derived sisal, wooden bead
  2. size: 5.3" x 3.5"
  3. plastic-free
  4. package-free
  5. zero-waste
  6. compostable
  7. vegan-friendly

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