Collection: Citrus Handmade Artisan Bar Soaps

At Soaps by a Chemist in San Diego, California, handmade artisan soaps are made with ingredients you can understand by a chemist you can trust. This citrus handmade soap collection features a range of soaps with essential oils and/or citrus fragrances. Citrus soaps are refreshing and invigorating for that alone time in the shower. From zesty lemon to tangy orange to fresh lemongrass, if citrus is your favorite scent for handmade soaps, I'm sure you'll find a bar to love in this collection.

Each bar is carefully crafted in small batches by an experienced chemist, myself, to ensure the perfect balance of fragrance, lather, bubbles, and nourishment, leaving your skin feeling moisturized and soothed. Non-drying formula for daily use. Trust a chemist to make the soap for your daily cleansing routine.