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Soaps by a Chemist

Solid Dish Soap - Bundles and Refills available

Solid Dish Soap - Bundles and Refills available

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Scent: Orange and lemongrass essential oils

This is the best cleansing soap I have ever used for just about everything...dishes, oven surfaces, laundry stains, dirty shoes, and more. Made with mostly coconut oil (for cleansing) and a tiny bit of castor oil (for extra bubbliness) as well as citric acid to fight soap scum. The citric acid reacts with the sodium hydroxide during saponification to become sodium citrate, which is a biodegradable chelator to bind with the calcium and magnesium ions found in hard water, thus reducing soap scum when used frequently to wash dishes.

Just add water, scrub the surface to lather up the soap and then scrub away. It's amazing!!!

How to Use: Wet sponge or dish scrubber, and rub soap to create bubbles. (Repeat as needed to refresh the bubbles.) Wash/scrub items and rinse well. Allow the dish soap to dry out between uses by pouring out extra water in the ramekin or tin or setting bar of soap on a well-draining soap dish.

~Ceramic Bowl Starter Set w/brush: (1) white ceramic bowl (assorted pattern) w/ 6oz solid dish soap and (1) bamboo scrub brush (grey or green accent color). You can choose between a short or long hand brush. 

~Steel Tin Starter Set w/brush: (1) tin plated steel* container w/ 6oz solid dish soap and (1) bamboo scrub brush (grey or green accent color).
*Container may rust over time when the tin coating gets scratched but it won't break if accidentally dropped.

~Wooden dish/rectangular soap/brush Starter Set: (1) one bar of dish washing soap (3.5-4oz), (1) one wooden double sided soap dish, and (1) one bamboo scrub brush (grey or green accent color).

~Soaps sold alone by weight. Weights vary from 2.8oz to 4oz. Price ranges from $6.50 to $9.00 depending on weight.

Ingredients: coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, citric acid, orange & lemongrass essential oils. [Soap recipes differ from one soap to another so please look at the ingredients list carefully to avoid allergy issues.]

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