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Soaps by a Chemist

Wooden Soap Dish

Wooden Soap Dish

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Poplar or Beech Soap dish - Wood Soap Saver - Zero Waste

-Poplar wood varies in color from white to milky cream to minty green.

-Beech varies in color from pink to red with a nice speckled wood grain.

[All look very similar to each other so if you do have a preference, please make a note.]

Dimensions: This soap dish measures 2.75 inches by 4 inches by 3/4 inch thick.

How They Are Made: These soap dishes are handmade in Oregon and designed to quickly drain water away from the soap, allowing for quicker drying and longer lasting homemade soaps. No nails or glue were used to make these wooden soap dishes so they won't fall apart.

To Use: I recommend using two of these dishes, and changing them out every few weeks. This will allow one of your dishes to dry while you use the other. In the long run this will greatly extend the life of your soap dish. Buy a two pack and save a little money.

Please Note: These dishes are made from untreated wood. These are natural raw wood and are not coated with any lacquer in an effort to keep everything all natural. They will last a very long time and are very durable even when exposed to water. At times natural tannins in the wood may cause some brown water to run off the soap dish. This is completely natural and will stop overtime. You are welcome to coat them with an oil or wax yourself once you receive them if you prefer.

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